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Sunday 3rd September 2000

Friday, I told you that I have found the mod STAR WARS: CALL TO ARMS, its first version just arrives. Click here. ) since an s is missing to dlls. The right adress is :


Friday, 1st September 2000

I found you a new mod in preparation (thanks to Copernic): STAR WARS: CALL TO ARMS. It's a mutiplayers mod, it is played in two teams: the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. It is inspired on Counter-Strike. The more you kill, the more you win money which enable you to obtain new weapons. If you are willing to make them maps, there is already a file FGD


Wednesday 30 August 2000

Monday I  announced the death of a mod. Today I introduce you to a solo mod in preparation. You will find weapons of Jedi Knight, you will  have to kill Stormtroopers and AT-ST. The demo works on the version.               Click on the  pictures to obtain an enlargement. For downloading the demo, click ici.



Monday 28 August 2000 

The mod Die By The Sabre has been stopped, once again a failure! I have no news of Jedi Quest. You can still play on the mod Yoda. We do hope  making an alpha for the mod Star Wars Episodes IV, V & VI before the end of September.


Saturday 19 August 2000

The Yoda mod is directly downloadable on the site, rubric mod

Mod Die By The Sabre
"Is Die by the Saber dead?" People have asked me.
No, not yet at least. We're going through some hard times right now, and being so I've shut down the site. Later this week I'll hold a meeting with the coders and we'll decide whether or not it's worth it to continue this project for Half-Life, or botch it and move to another game engine. If so, it would be one that has not come out yet, and would be fairly mainstream.

I've just started college classes, plus I work part-time, so it would be difficult for me to do modeling and project lead. Time management is also a thing we'll discuss... Rest assured, we'll decide what is best for DbtS, even if it is shutdown. I'm fairly disappointed in the lack of support and care from the community; but since we have never presented anything really tangible, I can hardly blame them.

G'day. You'll get your answer next mid-week.

Project Leader
Die by the Saber

Thursday 17 August 2000

Once again the disappearance of a mod : JEDI Mod star wars


Tuesday, 25 July 2000

I have found a Yoda mod. Valadil, the mod's author doesn't take it seriously, and we have made a funny mode  only with Yoda and Yoda's weapons, click here.


Monday, 24 July 2000

A new weapon : Darth Maul dual-ended Lightsabre or "Force Pike"
What's new is that the Lightsabre  goes with its hud


Sunday, 23 July 2000

Relookage of the site


Friday, 21 July 2000

There is now a poll to know your favourite episode , in the right hand corner.


Wednesday, 21 June 2000

To find archives of March-May, here.


Sunday 16 July 2000

Deleting of 2 links in mods' theme since these 2 mods have been given up.

(Phanttom Menace: Team Fusion and Star Wars).


Wednesday 21 June 2000

A new theme in the Mod star Wars Episodes IV, V & VI : Screenshots

A new link toward the SkyMIK site, there are three little movies realized with 3D Studio max, you must see it absolutely!

You will find the archives of March and May, here.


Friday 16 June 2000

Updating of the theme Mod Star Wars Episodes IV, V & VI.

2 new members in our team : Don Jose, a modeler and skyMIK, a mapper.


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