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Sunday, January 30 2000

3 new prefabs, one land speeder, one tie bomber and one tie Innterceptor.

Friday, January 28 2000

New prefab, a AT-ST

Wednesday, January  26 2000

The rubric mod has been divided into 2. Notre mod, where can be found the information concerning the episode IV, V & VI that we are preparing. Autres mods, as its name indicates it, it counts other mods on the theme of Star Wars.

An other mod : Die by the Sabre, thank you to SnipR for the info.

Tuesday, January 25 2000

MOD STAR WARS : The bêta map of Death Star is available. click here. Census of weapons for each categorizes.

Monday, January 24 2000

MOD STAR WARS : News of the mod.

A news skin will be soon available : Greedo created by Agi.

Wednesday, January  19 2000

4 new textures in the library.

Monday, January 17 2000

Entire translation of the site in English.

Friday, January 14 2000

MOD STAR WARS : second test of the first beta private version, it has well functioned, the bugs that we have met were already known and they will be soon settled.

Tuesday, January 11 2000

MOD STAR WARS : first test of the first beta private version.

Monday, January 10 2000

I have found a new mod on the theme of The Phantom Menace, click here.

1 new skin, scoottrouper.

Sunday, January 9 2000

2 news skins, an Stormtroop and a Royal Guard.
Translation in English of next rubrics : Prefabs, Textures, Skins and Armes. And creation of the News in English.
A bad news, there is no more site on the mod Star Wars : The Phantom
Menace, I fear that the mod might be  definitively abandoned.


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